●3nd Full Album

 「Nothing is made」

 全15曲 \2800(税別)


1. Intro Organ

2. After CEG

3. Teacher runs

4. Something to crave

5. Nothing is made

6. -interlude-Bass

7. Make it cool

8. Dusk wind

9. -interlude-2sax

10.Instead of that

11.Color of seasons


13.It's don't mean a thing

14.Bang Rang Tang

15.Worrying about U



●2nd Full Album

 「Chase of the dream」

 全16曲 \3000(税込)


1. Black stone

2. Translation groove -interlude-

3. Translation groove

4. Refraction dance

5. Another moon

6. Chase of the dream

7. Invisible essence

8. Black stone -interlude-

9. Out the mood


11.Foot of the garden

12.One finger

13.So why -interlude-

14.So why

15.Feel like making love

16.One finger -interlude-




●1st Full Album

 「Break a way !!」 全14曲 \2940(税込)


1. Unstable Bomb

2. To Up !!

3. Traditional City

4. After rain of tears

5. Sweet Afro

6. 87-9

7. Two Note Funk

8. Shuffle for purification

9. Talking under the bassment

10.Blink of liberation

11.Break a way !!

12.Stroll'n in the park

13.愛の力 partⅡ

14.Wake ability up !!



●Mini Album

 「Strollin' in the park feat Megu(Vo)

 全7曲 \1470(税込)


1. bang bang bang

2. Wonderful moment (vo)

3. Strollin' in the park (vo)

4. Blink of liberation (vo)

5. 愛の力partⅡ(vo) feat (MCサッコン)

6. Intricate C

7. Theme from 「FUNK SUMMIT」




 Vo:Megu  Mini Album「Blessing」

 全6曲 ¥1500(税込)


1. Voice

2. いつものように

3. dreamily

4. I will

5. Blessing

6. be in need of U

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